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Dr. Brandon Baartman leads the Vance Thompson Team in Omaha, Nebraska specializing in laser vision correction and cataract, glaucoma, and cornea treatments.


Randall Baartman chose to have his cataract surgery at Vance Thompson Vision with his son, Dr. Brandon Baartman. Randall talks about his experience and how easy the process was for him.

When the youngest Dagel was injured in the eye with a fence wire, he needed immediate attention. Dr. Baartman was called to the ER and was able to stitch his injured eye—and put his parents at ease. After a long road, he's seeing 20/20 again!

When Cassie realized contacts were no longer a great solution for her vision, she turned to Vance Thompson Vision. Dr. Baartman performed her lens implant procedure and now she's able to enjoy freedom from her glasses and contacts.

Omaha Everyday

Dr. Brandon Baartman, from Vance Thompson Vision Omaha, and Omaha Everyday's Dave Webber discuss cataract symptoms, treatments, and procedures.